Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bubble Blowers!

Now that was a fun science experiment today!! We learned all about the scientific process through trying to solve the enormous problem of ...WHICH KIND OF BUBBLE GUM WILL BLOW THE BIGGEST BUBBLE?
These kids had an absolute blast trying to blow bubbles of different sizes. And I have to say bubble blowing is much more challenging than it looks! Great learning was happening and it was also funny at the same time because I got to see students laughing as bubble gum covered their noses!
I have to say that I have some top notch bubble blowers in this classroom. I was so pleased to see the kids show their level of scientific understanding about the process of an experiment through smiles and laughter.
Great job crazy kiddos...you are an amazing bunch!

Challenge Question - August 31

Here is your challenge question for today my super smart froggies!!!!
Miss. Pickett and Taylor are on an instrument counting quest in the the music room. There are 14 snare drums, 5 bongo drums, 3 triangles, 9 xylophones and 11 base drums.
How many DRUMS did Miss. Pickett and Taylor find altogether in the music room?
To do: Draw a picture and show a number sentence to solve this problem.
Bring Miss. Pickett in your answer on a piece of paper tomorrow with your name if you think you are a FROGGY GENUIS!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Challenge Question - August 30

What a fantastic start to the grade three year!
I can already tell that I have the BEST grade three class in the world!
Add 27 + 41. Then subtract 5 from your answer. What number do you end up with?
For your secret reward from Miss. Pickett bring in your answer on a piece of paper tomorrow morning!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back To School BBQ

Thursday, Sept 2nd is the "Back to School BBQ and Meet The Teacher Night".
This event starts at 5:15 pm and runs until 7:15 pm.
BBQ meal tickets will be purchased at the door. A meal ticket gets you a burger, drink, carrots and bag of chips. It will be delicious.
Following supper, you will gather in Miss. Pickett's HOPPIN' classroom for a little meet and greet session!

I am so excited to meet all my new fantastic "frogs" this year!!
"A teacher's purpose is not to create a student in his/her own image, but to develop students who can create their own image!"


Another summer has quickly passed and we are about to start another wonderful year in GRADE THREE in a brand new classroom!!! It is going to be a fun filled year with many exciting activities and trips. There will be laughter, smiles and a whole lot of learning!!