Weather Kids - About VolcanoesHearing and Sound:
How Humans Make Sound
Mr. Wind Pipe - How our voice works
BBC Sound
Hearing and Sound
2 Learn - Hearing and Sound Activities

The Ear:
Video - How the ear works
The Ear
How the ear works
Fun Facts About the Ear


Safe Hearing Myths and Facts
Decibel Level with Dr. Sound

Animal Research Pages:
Power Knowledge Life Science
Learn Alberta - click Enlish , Online reference centre , Amazing Animals

Animal Alphabet List
Animal Corner - Alphabet List

Rock Cycle and Types of Rock
What type of rock is this?
The Layers of the Earth
Be a rock detective - Types of Rocks (Video)
Types of Rock - Video
Types of Rocks - Video
Types of Rocks - Video
The Rock Cycle
Types of Rock Detective Information

Weathering and Erosion
Geology for Kids - Weathering and Erosion
Weathering and Erosion
Weathering and erosion - Video
Grand Canyone - Erosion (Video)
Water Breaks Down Rocks - Video
What is dirt? - VideoWho needs dirt? - Video

Identifying Minerals - video
Earth Science for Kids - Minerals

Volcanoes for Kids - Video
What is a volcano - video
Why do volcanoes erupt - video
National Geographic Kids - Volcanoes
Fun volcano facts for kids
Weather Kids - Volcanoes

Identifying Minerals - Video
What are minerals - video

Kids Love 2 Learn - Rock Sites

This is a link that has numerous awesome rock sites.  Check them out!

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